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With weather forecasters predicting that temperatures this summer are expected to reach over 100 degrees F. throughout the Phoenix area for every day in July, the local power grid will be in a state of constant stress. Solar Panels Brisbane And when that happens, area residents will be asked to do their part by local utility companies and reduce their air conditioning and other energy usages to help avoid dreaded brown-outs.

Simply Solar of Arizona offers homeowners a smart way to avoid being an energy hog during the hottest days of summer, which seem to be a daily occurrence, thanks to our changing climate patterns. We can help you augment your home’s energy needs by designing and installing your own residential solar energy system. Simply Solar has years of experience handling the professional design and installation of top-brand solar panels on residential properties that correspond to a family’s unique energy needs. These panels generate solar energy for your immediate usage, so your family has no need to constantly draw on the resources of your local utility company.

In addition, whenever your residential solar system generates more energy that the activities and systems in your home need for that day, you can direct this excess power to flow backward into the utility grid. And once your power meter is spinning backwards, this means that your utility company pays you for the solar energy you are supplying to them or provides you with a credit toward the energy you will draw in the future from the local power grid.

Solar Energy Relieves Strain on the Grid
Simply Solar of Arizona loves to place homeowners in a win-win situation when it comes to their energy needs. The well designed and affordable residential solar systems we install for residential properties of all shapes and sizes not only give homeowners control over their energy costs, they also help offset future energy costs by more than 50 percent. Solar systems also help families contribute to placing less stress on their local power grids during extreme weather conditions such as excessive and consistent summer heat.

You know how vulnerable it makes you feel to be at the mercy of the local power grid and how difficult it makes it to budget when temperatures remain consistently hot and uncomfortable on a daily basis. But hiring the solar energy experts at Simply Solar of Arizona can help you reduce your reliance on the local energy grid, become more independent at creating your own source of energy using the power of the sun, help the environment, and save money at the same time.